Chariot Run New GPS Carts and Tempo Walkers: 6 Reasons to Test the New Tech

If you’ve been out on the links-style grounds of Chariot Run lately, you’ve likely noticed the upgrade to the on-course transportation. All carts at Chariot Run include touchscreen Visage GPS capabilities which will vastly improve your golf experience throughout your round. Additionally, Chariot Run also acquired Tempo Walker buggies – complete with basic GPS – which will follow golfers who prefer to walk like a well-trained sheep dog. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy Indiana’s golf at its best in the last few months, here are six reasons you need to test the new tech at Chariot Run Golf Club.

1. A Walk, Not a Push, in the Park

Walking has its advantages like improved health, better connection to the golf course and enhanced target awareness, but carrying or pushing clubs up and down the rolling hills of Chariot Run can become tiresome. Not anymore. The Tempo Walker buggies at Chariot Run carry your clubs and follow you wherever you go as you walk the course through an unobtrusive device clipped to your belt buckle, keeping you focused on your next shot instead of the weight of your clubs.

2. No Need for Pin Sheets or Guesswork

Jack Nicklaus is often credited with being the first PGA TOUR professional to value exact yardages and look what it did for his game. Now, players at Chariot Run can take advantage of pinpoint accuracy and precise yardages just like the Golden Bear without the use of a range finder, pin sheets, or stepping off sprinkler heads. And no more worrying if you can carry that bunker on the left. Simply touch the screen to get exact layup yardages as well to completely remove the guesswork from your round.

3. Music Adds Rhythm and Tempo

Music has found its way into the modern game with more and more players opting for tunes during their round. Chariot Run’s new cart GPS system allows players to connect their mobile device via Bluetooth to play their favorite music through speakers on the cart, adding rhythm and tempo to an otherwise quiet day in Laconia, Indiana.

Tempo Walk with Golfer 350x209
Tempo Walk Multi 350x209
Tempo Walk 350x209

4. Food in a Flash

Any experienced player knows your position on the golf course is directly behind the group in front. But if you skipped breakfast and need to fill up at the turn, it can be mildly challenging to order food, satisfy your stomach and keep pace all at the same time. Not anymore. The new cart GPS system at Chariot Run has built-in two-way communication with the golf shop and the Double Eagle Bar and Grill so you can order in advance and never skip a beat.

5. Trust, but Verify

We’ve all seen the playing partner who whips out his trusty range finder only to shoot the yardage from five steps off the back of the teebox. Sure, he’s your friend, but he simply doesn’t have the right number. And if you pressed the back nine and have a one-shot lead going into 18, you would certainly want to verify your friend doesn’t have any ulterior motives for giving you an unfriendly yardage. At Chariot Run, you can trust, but verify, and ensure your buddy is picking up the lunch tab instead of you.

6. Keep the Phone On, Stay Connected

Just about everyone has their mobile device on them at all times. The golf course probably isn’t the best place to take a phone call or catch up with your friends via FaceTime, but having your phone on you for emergencies is more than welcome just about anywhere. Ensure your phone is fully charged throughout your round with the USB ports built into the new cart GPS system at Chariot Run and ensure you’re available just in case.

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